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How to Grow Vegetables without Seeds

Spring is here and many of us are ready to start growing vegetables. Due to the pandemic, you may not want to venture far from home to pick up plants or seeds to start your garden. The good news is that you can start your garden simply from the fresh vegetables you already have at home. Yes, the scraps you throw in your compost can magically become your summer vegetables. You save money, get nutritious vegetables and help the environment all at the same time.

Read the tips below to get your garden growing now!

  1. Lettuce: If you have full heads of lettuce for salad, cut off the bottoms and plant in a pot of soil or in your garden. You should see new leaves growing within a week.

  2. Carrots: Buy whole carrots with the tops on. Cut off the top close to the end and place in soil. You should see new growth within 10 days.

  3. Tomatoes and cucumbers: take a slice with seeds and place on top of soil. Cover with a little soil. New plants should grow from these slices.

  4. Bok choy,  fennel, onions: place the bottom of the vegetable in soil. You should see new growth within ten days.

  5. Garlic: put a clove in soil and you will soon have fresh garlic growing!

Photo courtesy of Gabriel Gurrola


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